What is bee pollen?

What is bee pollen?

What is bee pollen?

Bee pollen comes from the blossoms harvested by the bees, the pollen is collected on their bodies and legs. As they arrive in the hive a carefully placed frame knocks some of the pollen from the bees. This pollen falls down and is collected by the bee keeper.

Bee pollen is considered to be a new superfood because of it contains a balanced combination of vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, enzymes and essential amino acids. Bee pollen has a range of therapeutic benefits.

How to choose good bee pollen?

The quality and nutritional properties of bee pollen depend on the environment in which the pollen was collected and the processing methods used by the bee and beekeeper. Each batch of bee pollen has a unique taste, presenting a spectrum of the various flora in the fly range of the bees. Thracian Gold Honey Bee Pollen is certified organic and 100% natural, collected from the mountain regions of Bulgaria and Spain.

Our bee pollen is sweet and mild tasting making it a great addition to porridge, smoothies or sprinkled on pancakes or natural yogurt.

Organic Bee Pollen by Thracian Gold Honey 250 g


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