Q: What is the best way to store my honey once the jar is opened?

A: Refrigeration is not necessary. The honey is best stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. It is also fine to keep it in the refrigerator but this will speed up the crystallisation process.

Q: Is crystallised honey still good for me?

A: Yes, crystallised (also known as granulated or set) honey has the same health properties as the honey in its runny state.  The only difference is its texture which also brings a different tasting sensation but just as nice! Some people prefer set honey bacause it is easier to spread on toast and less messy. It is entirely down to a personal preference. In terms of quality and health benefits, runny and crystallised honey are equally great!

Q: How to turn crystallised honey into runny honey again?

A: Place the jar in a bowl of warm water (no warmer than 35 C) and leave for 20 minutes. If the honey is not completely runny, repeat this process untill all crystals have disappeared.

Q: Are your products free of GMO and pesticides?

A: Yes! Thracian Gold Honey products are completely natural, without artificial flavours or colours and FREE FROM Pesticides and GMO! Each honey harvest is tested in one of the world's best laboratories - Intertek and QSI, to guarantee the premium quality of our honeys.

Q: Do you treat your bees humanely?

A: Absolutely! Thracian Gold Honey products are sourced from small scale beekeepers who utilise traditional beekeeping practices learned from their parents and grandparents who have passed on the love for the bees to the next generation. 

Q: How do you get the different kinds of honey?

A: The predominant flower pollen content defines the honey as acacia or lavender or sunflower... The beehives are strategically placed next to the plant source (a forest, mountain meadows, lavender or sunflower fields...), the bees then collect predominantly pollen and nectar from it which then becomes the final product - healthy and nutricious honey which is then collected from the hives and packed in the jars you can find on our website...with minimal human interference.