Raw Organic Wildflower Blossom Honey with Ginger 500 g

Raw Organic Wildflower Blossom Honey with Ginger 500 g

Thracian Gold Honey

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  • Raw and Certified Organic Wildflower Honey Infused with Ginger
  • Artisan Honey from Wildflower Blossoms in Bulgaria mixed with 2% Ground Organic Ginger, 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Collected from ecologically clean and bio diverse regions in Bulgaria, this pure raw honey has no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives
  • 100% pure and boasts a sweet floral aroma with a balanced yet spicy taste of zesty ginger
  • Delicious swirled into smoothies or as a natural sweetener for teas, coffees and baking

This wildflower raw natural honey has been obtained by carefully positioning the beehives next to the picturesque mountain forests and meadows in The Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria during the summer months. The honey is then cold extracted by our skilled beekeepers using the most traditional methods for organic beekeeping utilised by generations of beekeepers in these lands for thousands of years.

Our unpasteurised, unprocessed honey  is sure to be a delicious and healthy treat, with numerous health benefits and the perfect addition to a healthy diet! Presented in a beautiful honey jar with hand tied ribbon this pure organic ginger honey makes the perfect honey gift for Christmas, anniversary, birthday, thank you presents or any other occasion. It can also be a great filling for your hamper basket creations.